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Live Atop Tokyo Tower!!
30 April 2009
Pre-release event, Live in Moscow, more

To commemorate the May 20 release of "Tokyo Jukebox" Marty held a "secret live event" atop Tokyo Tower on May 19. There were 2 shows, both filled to capacity, and all who attended were treated to Marty`s first time performing these new songs in public, high above Tokyo`s night skyline.

Autograph sessions were held after each show. More similar events in Japan and outside are in the works, stay here for more details.

An additional live concert date is now confirmed for just after the Gods of Metal festival in Italy.

June 29 Tochka   Moscow,Russia

Marty and his band (Jeremy Colson-Drums, Takayoshi Ohmura-Guitar, Ryota-Bass) will make their first trip to Russia. It is a dream of Marty`s to finally play for his Russian fans.

There are other Marty related events in Italy around the time of the festival coming up, be sure to check here first for the latest official info.

The Brand New Album.

After seven months in the studio, Marty has completed work on his 9th album, "Tokyo Jukebox". 

Produced and arranged by Marty, the new disc reflects the chaotic lifestyle of Tokyo, its unique music and Marty`s futuristic interpretation of it.

Sonically it goes from his "Loudspeaker" lineup all the way to a 70 piece symphony orchestra. Marty covers the most unlikely artists to get his guitar heavy treatment, including Perfume, Maximum the Hormone, AI, Nakashima Mika, Ikimono Gakari and 7 other staples in the world of current Japanese music.

The songs were chosen in part by the readers of "Nikkei Entertainment!", Japan`s all time number one entertainment magazine, which features a popular page on Marty each month for over three years and still going strong.

All the songs go through Marty`s extravagant, epic, and quite often brutally twisted treatment. "Tokyo Jukebox" is the new definitive display of Marty`s current state of mind as well as the deepest evolution of his guitar playing and overall musicality ever.

Release date is May 20th in Japan by AVEX. Check this site for international release details, soon to follow.

Marty Makes Cameo on Prime Time Ratings Winner!!

On April 18 Marty made an appearance on the smash drama "The Quiz Show". (Nippon TV) The show took top ratings in the competitive Saturday night market. Photos and info (in Japanese) at

Marty is the special guest for Asahi TV`s long running hit program, "Daimei nonai Ongakukai".

The show is a staple of Japanese television, now in it`s fifth decade on the air.

Marty`s performance of Bach`s Brandenburg Concerto will be featured as well as a talk segment with him and two of the most respected conductors in the country, Yutaka Sado and Michiyoshi Inoue.

The show will be broadcast 3 times, May 3,9 and 10. This very unique show is not to be missed! Behind the scenes info, broadcast times and more to come on this site and in Japanese at

Marty is confirmed to play Italy`s Gods Of Metal festival on 6/27 at Brianteo Stadium in Monza. Be there!

Those of you with access to Japan`s NHK network will not want to miss a special on Marty to be broadcast on March 3rd at midnight. Rebroadcast on March 11.
He will also appear on a very special "Eigo de shaberanaito", broadcast times and more info at

Fans who attended Aikawa Nanase`s kickoff show in Tokyo for her "Reborn" tour on 2/16 got an unexpected treat when Marty stepped in to play "Shock of Love" and two other tunes. You can hear Marty`s guitar on her new track, "Circle of Life", the theme to the latest Kamen Rider movie.

Marty is featured in the latest Guitar World, Guitar Player, and you can also read an in-depth interview with Marty online at

Last week Marty made an appearance on the NHK WORLD broadcast "The 2008 J-MELO Music Awards".
Rebroadcast dates and times vary depending on what country you are in, so if you have access to NHK WORLD be sure to check your local listings.

Shooting wrapped up this week for Marty`s special NHK program "Paphoo!" in which Marty took a band of Osaka high school girls on location into LA`s most prestigious studio, The Village Recorder (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan) and produced their original song. Broadcast in March, more details at
After that was completed, Marty was back in Japan to give a lecture at Sapporo`s Academy of Fine Arts.

In related news, due to popular demand, Marty`s "The Power of Presidential Speeches" was rebroadcast on NHK in Japan.

Again dear friends, please note: ALL MySpace, mixi, or any other similar Marty Friedman web pages are FRAUDULENT. This and are the ONLY official Marty Friedman sites on the web.

On January 2, Marty performed at Budokan in Tokyo with Kotoko. In 2006 Marty penned her Top 10 hit, "Kirei na Senritsu". The two have appeared in various media together since then but this is their first time sharing the concert stage as well as his second time performing at the Budokan.

In other live news, on January 13 Marty made a rare `fusion` live appearance at the Blue Note/Motion Blue Yokohama playing with Japanese Taiko drum master Hidano. Hidano joined Marty during the 2008 "Future Addict" tour of Japan. Much more info (in Japanese) at

Marty will appear on the NHK`s 59th annual New Year music program, "Kouhaku Utagassen" This is the most prestigious music event of the year in Japan and will be broadcast worldwide on NHK`s international affiliates around the world so check your local listings!

Andrew W.K. joins Marty on his weekly "Transporter" show (Wednesdays at 9PM on Space Shower TV)
The two of them have an intense jam session, blaze through 4 songs and share an in-depth conversation (in English w/Japanese subtitles)
Those with access to Japanese TV will not want to miss this episode. Dec.17 at 9PM. Rebroadcast times and all other Japanese TV info at

An interview with Marty in English can be seen at

If you can read Japanese, please feel free to participate in Marty`s new Nikkei Entertainment/JoySound collaboration campaign.
Details here:
and here:

This campaign is a runaway hit (#2 and #1 access ranking on respective sites) and even those fans outside of will be able to enjoy Marty`s new music because of it. More English details to come!

On November 3rd at 10PM on Japan`s NHK network, Marty appeared on a special 2 hour program, "The Power of Presidential Speeches".

Marty, who is known for keeping his opinions on political issues private, gives a rare and unique in-depth commentary on this important show which will air the night before the U.S. presidential election. The show features Marty alongside top Japanese political analysts discussing the current U.S. presidential race.

Japanese details here:

Marty performed with Uli Jon Roth on Nov. 11 and 12 at Tokyo`s Nakano Sun Plaza. This is the same venue that the legendary "Tokyo Tapes" was recorded.
It is no secret about Marty`s deep respect of Roth, and both nights were certainly a treat for the fans as well as the guitarists themselves.

More info here:

Aside from his NHK and Space Shower weekly TV resposibilities Marty is currently in the studio handling pre-production duties for the next Lovefixer release in early 2009.

Stay tuned for lots more details!

As always more info (mainly in Japanese) at

New website!

Marty`s new project "Lovefixer" has a brand new site at this address:

Get info on your phone:

Lovefixer made their live debut in Sapporo last week and to commemorate the release of their first single they will make their Tokyo area debut on August 30 at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza for an acoustic live performance, talk show and autograph session!
Start time is 5PM, Rules apply so please check with or

for more details.

Those with access to Japanese TV should not miss Marty`s performance on TV Tokyo`s weekly "Muse no Bansan-My song, My Life"
Saturday 8/30 at 11PM. This features and extremely in-depth look at Marty`s music from the very beginning through the future as well as a live performance with violin and piano.

Also Marty`s special "Detroit Metal City" TV show with Natsume Nana can be seen on several stations on several dates, more info here:

As reported on Yahoo! Japan News top page, August 27 marks the date of the major debut of Marty`s new rock duo, Lovefixer.

With Marty on guitar and Shinichiro "Sin" Suzuki on vocals the history making single from the first ever American/Japanese collaboration in Japanese rock comes out on Avex.

"Yakou" is the theme song for the  major motion picture "Twilight Syndrome" as well as the theme song to Fuji Television`s nationwide primetime hit TV show, "Himitsu no Kenmin Show"

The B-side "Crystal Rain" is the theme song to the hit Nintendo game "Twilight Syndrome" from which spawned the upcoming film.

Two versions of the single with separate jackets will be released, one version includes a DVD with the video for "Yakou" and a special "Guitar Karaoke" version of the song with all the guitar solos removed so guitar players can try their hand at the extensive lead guitar parts themselves. The other version features versions of both songs minus vocals.

The cover shots were done by Takaaki Henmi, (Dir En Grey, Merry, Mucc) the top photographer in Japan`s "Visual Kei" genre.

Japanese audiences got a taste of Lovefixer on Marty`s July solo tour of Japan when Suzuki joined Marty each night on stage for 3 tunes. Lovefixer will perform a full live show in Sapporo on August 22. This special concert is sponsored by the film "Detroit Metal City" which opens nationwide the next day. Marty has a cameo in the film performing with Gene Simmons. More info on Lovefixer`s releases and live info at
Live footage from Marty`s "Future Addict" tour will be broadcast on Space Shower`s weekly "Transporter"show, this Wednesday 8/6 at 9PM. Marty has co-hosted this hit program with news announcer Leila Okuhama for 6 months now.

Marty makes a special appearance in the movie, "Global Metal". Be sure to see this fascinating film about metal music in all of its unique styles in the most exotic locations.

Marty spoke to Mainichi Newspaper, a 2 part interview in English can be seen here:

and here:

The upcoming new "Kamen Rider" movie features Marty on it`s theme song. Aikawa Nanase sings the track, this is the first time they have recorded together since the [R.U.O.K.]
album in 2005. Release info on this anticipated single to come.

Response to the industry previews of "Gugudatte Neko Dearu" have been stellar and Director Inudo has joined Marty in his monthly crosstalk for the Cyzo magazine, which will hit newsstands in late August to correspond with the movie`s public release.
"Gugudatte Neko Dearu" marks Marty`s acting debut, his dual role has him speaking in both English and Japanese.

Also a 8/23 movie release is "Detroit Metal City" which features Marty with Gene Simmons.

Now available on Itunes-Marty`s TV performances with Japanese guitar legend Char. The two filmed 5 completely improvised and unrehearsed jams live for the cameras last week. Broadcast dates and Itunes info to come.

Marty will perform the Japanese National Anthem at the Drift Racing D1 Grand Prix in Tokyo on June 8.
This will mark the first time a non-Japanese has performed
the anthem at such an event. More info here.

Marty`s “Street Demon” has been a
staple at racing events and television since its release.

Myspace users please note, all Marty Friedman Myspace
profiles are fraudulent and are not authorized and are in
no way related to myself of Marty himself. As reported
before, the only official Marty Friedman sites on the web
are this site, or the Avex site at

Ibanez and Tama`s parent company Hoshino celebrates its
100th year in the music business and Marty will
perform with Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and Simon Phillips
in Nagoya to celebrate the event on May 22nd.

Marty will perform “Tears of an Angel” on Beat Takashi`s

“Daredemo Picasso” TV program at 10PM on Friday May 30
on TV Tokyo. He will also appear on 4 more shows over the
next 2 weeks, please check for more info.

Biffy Clyro joined Marty on his new weekly program "Transporter" (every Wednesday night at 9PM on Space Shower) for an unplugged version of a song from their latest album, "Puzzle". The guys really tore it up, a must see for fans of either artist. To be broadcast late May. More info at


“Ii-Jyan J-Pop!” (Awesome J-Pop!) Marty`s new hardcover book released by 
Nikkei Entertainment on April 7 is currently #38 in the overall sales ranking at This book offers An in-depth and very unique insider`s view of the Japanese music scene as only Marty can see it. The book is culled from over a year of interviews with Marty and plenty of outtakes from his outspoken and often controversial popular monthly column in Nikkei Entertainment.

Marty will do a book signing at the Tokyo Roppongi Tsutaya on April 23 at 8 PM. The ever gorgeous Shelly (from "Rock Fujiyama") will MC the event.
Rules do apply so please check www, for details or call Tokyo Roppongi Tsutaya at 03-5775-1515.


Marty will appear with Gene Simmons in the upcoming Japanese motion picture, “Detroit Metal City”. They have a live performance scene together along with Jeremy Colson on drums. Filming in Tokyo is underway now and the movie will come out in the fall. Behind the scenes photos and many more details to come.

The first three unplugged mini concerts in Osaka and Nagoya were completely packed with fans old and new and after their acoustic performance everyone walked away with their copy of Future Addict signed by Marty and Jeremy. There are two more events in Tokyo, check for details.

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the response from outside of Japan to the “Marty`s select movie” section at! I have discussed the idea of having Marty`s comments posted in English as well as Japanese with the Martyfan webmaster in Japan and they are receptive to the idea. We will keep you informed as to when that happens, please be patient!
Mayzan (webmaster


Marty`s latest album, “Future Addict” was released in Japan by Avex on March 12!
March started with Marty in full promotion mode, including live appearances on several TV programs, including two of the longest running programs in the history of television, “Waratte Ii Tomo” and “Nodo Jiman”.


A brand new official Japanese fan page is open NOW to commemorate the release of “Future Addict”. Check out for details and watch it grow!


Marty is to begin as a regular on 2 new TV shows starting mid March, broadcast times and more details to come.

Along with songs from Brian May, Sarah Brightman and Enigma, Marty`s song, "Rock Box" is included on the album, "Fuji Television Racing Hero" from Toshiba EMI in Japan. 


“Marty Friedman Exhibit A Live in Europe” is to be released the last week of March in Europe by Mascot Records. This is the exact same version as the Japanese version, the only difference is the cover which is a digipak for Europe. “Exhibit A Live in Europe” is Marty`s first and only live album (recorded in Holland on the 2007 Loudspeaker tour).
The US release date is August 19.

"Future Addict" features reworked, reconstructed, completely remade versions of some of the coolest songs from Marty`s entire career. Everything from his first band, Deuce, to his current Japanese stuff, it is all in there and all of it is on steroids. The CD also contains the music video, “Simple Mystery”.
There are also 3 new songs including the first single, “Simple Mystery”. Vocals on the entire album are handled by none other than Marty`s longtime drummer, Jeremy Colson, making his worldwide vocal debut! This album is an amazing introduction to Marty`s illustrious career, as well as the beginning of an exciting new era of his music. US and Euro releases to follow, more info on that to come.

Watch the first video, “Simple Mystery”, here:



Marty produced, arranged and laid down all guitar and bass on the upcoming Sony single from Ruby Gloom, “Siren” c/w “My Treasure” As many of you know, Ruby is a animation character broadcast in several countries around the world. Nana Kitade plays the part of Ruby on this brilliant high energy single. Release date is March 25. Fans of J-pop as well as fans of Cacophony (!) will certainly not be disappointed.

On the completely opposite side of the musical spectrum, downtempo electronica pioneers The Supreme Beings of Leisure have a new album “11i” on which Marty makes a guest appearance on the song “Oneness”. Marty is a huge fan of SBL and was honored to play the track for them.

Feb. 18 marks the industry premiere of the movie “Gugudatte Neko Dearu” in which he made his Japanese major motion picture debut. The movie is set for a fall release.


Many more upcoming TV appearances, be sure to check them out if you have access to Japanese TV. Check updated list below.

Feb.25 NHK Eigo De Shabera Night(with Jimmy Page)
Mar.3 NHK Eigo De Shabera Night
Mar.7 TV ASAHI Sora Mimi Awards 24:15-24:45
Mar.10 Nippon Television Uta Sta!
Mar. 14 TV ASAHI Sora Mimi Awards Part 2 24:15-24:45
Mar.17 Nippon Television Uta Sta!
Every Friday WOWOW 5PM  Ougon American Pops
Every Monday NHK 1140PM Jukebox Eikaiwa

Jimmy Page joined Marty in Japan on “Eigo De Shabera Night”, NHK`s hit program which Marty is a regular guest on. This unique program is not to be missed by Page fans or Friedman fans! Broadcast date is 2/25.
See pic here:


Enjoy an interview (in English) here:

For the second consecutive year, The Japan Iron and Steel Federation is featuring Marty in its annual ad campaign. Starting Oct. 15, life size billboards will be up in 21 subway and train stations throughout the entire Tokyo area.
Check it here:

Marty appeared on Beat Takeshi`s hit prime time TV show “Daredemo Picasso” on Friday night 10/19 at 10PM on TV Tokyo. This episode celebrates the 35 year career of Ishikawa Sayuri, and has Marty on the panel of guests and also even features Marty performing his own arrangement of one of her songs with the legendary Japanese singer in person. Marty was influenced by her music considerably, so if you are a fan of either, the show was not to be missed.

In other TV news, due to overwhelming demand, Marty`s 3 month NHK TV series “Jukebox Eikaiwa” is being rebroadcast in reruns from the beginning of Oct. thru Jan. every Monday night at 11:40 on NHK.

Marty has landed a role in a major motion picture in Japan. The movie, entitled “Gugudatte neko dearu” features Koizumi Kyoko and is slated for a 2008 release. Marty began his filming last week and will wrap in December. We will keep you posted on its progress.
The Marty Friedman “Exhibit A: Live in Europe” CD and “Exhibit B: Live in Japan” DVD were both released on 8/22. The tracklistings can be seen here:

This marks his 1st solo live recordings ever and his 2nd and 3rd release through Avex in Japan. To commemorate this double release Marty will do two autograph sessions/Talk show events at Tower Records in Osaka/Umeda on 9/22 and Tower Records Tokyo/Shinjuku on 9/28. Rules apply so please check for details. (in Japanese)

Marty has completed producing tracks for the new album of Sony artist and Gothic/Lolita princess Nana Kitade. He is also playing guitar on the album, and Jeremy Colson is on drums. This unique combination (to say the least) is not to be missed…The album is a collection of Nana Kitade`s singles called "Berry Berry Singles" and will include 3 new tracks under Marty`s production. This is an absolute must-hear for fans of Nana Kitade, Marty`s fans (especially fans of his earlier work) and anyone interested in the absolute latest in the aggressive side of cutting edge J-pop. Release date 11/14 on Sony. Check it here:

He will also produce and play guitar on Nana`s next upcoming single.

Marty hosts a brand new weekly TV program, “Ougon American Pops” on Japan`s WOWOW network. First broadcast is 8/16. This show is to run for 10 weeks. The first show will feature a clip from the new “Exhibit B- LIVE IN JAPAN” DVD (8/22 release in Japan on Avex) He will also appear on the next “Eigo de Shabera Night” on NHK as well as an upcoming episode of NTV`s “Uta Sta”.

New pics and Marty`s recommended playlist can be seen in this (text in Japanese) net feature on Marty.

Marty is the cover story on Japan`s upcoming Player Magazine (on newsstands Aug.2) Along with Steve Vai, the two of them talk about their new live albums and much more.

The cover shot features Marty and his new Ibanez Marty Friedman model. This revolutionary guitar is like his previous axe except for one thing- it has no volume knob, only an on/off switch! Marty played this guitar on his recent European tour and it can be heard on “Exhibit A--Live in Europe” (Available 8/22 on Avex in Japan. stay tuned for rest of world info) The guitar will also be on sale to the public in a limited edition by this fall. Check with your Ibanez dealer for details.

In other media news, Marty had recently had a large feature in the Nikkei Shimbun (Japan`s equivalent to The Wall Street Journal). The story ran in Japanese and we have been told that the story will also appear in the newspaper`s English edition. We will upload the English version of the feature to this site when it comes out. Marty will also be featured in The Japan Times which is Japan`s number one English Newspaper. Online story here:

As Marty`s monthly feature in Nikkei Entertainment Magazine continues into its eleventh month, you can now also view a bonus extended version online at (in Japanese)

Interested in Japanese sayings? Check here to hear them from Marty himself-

Also in Japanese, but a good online talk and photo session with Marty is here-

As always, along with Nikkei Entertainment, Marty`s features continue to be highlights in Saizo, Shosetsu Subaru and ASCII, and can be seen every day on any newsstand in Japan.
In TV news, Marty will appear on Best Hit USA on TV Asahi on Friday July 13th at midnight.

Mika, new British singer famous for his hit song, “Grace Kelly” and Marty filmed a segment together for the hit NHK program, “Eigo de Shabera Night”. Marty and Mika get into what makes them both crazy about Japan.
Marty will also appear on TV Asahi`s nationwide “Tamori Club” on Friday night (6/29) at midnight. If you have access to Japanese TV you will not want to miss these programs.

In recording news, Marty collaborated with Avex`s “Do-nuts” for their upcoming single, “Shopping Boogie”. This 2 girl unit of models from Okinawa made their major debut last year and is already being hailed as the next Puffy. This exciting new single will be released in July.

Suntory, leading manufacturer of beverages and health products in Japan is featuring Marty in its new `Healthiest people in Japan` TV campaign. Live footage from his latest Tokyo concert will also be featured in the commercial.

In other TV news, during the Loudspeaker European tour Japanese network NHK brought their camera crews to Amsterdam and Leiden in Holland to film a special feature on Marty for the hit show, `Eigo de Shabera Night”. Broadcast will be in June, more info on the Japanese side.

Marty`s May 5 appearance on the hit TV show, “Chubaw Desuyo!” pulled the Number 1 nationwide rating in Japan`s fiercely competitive Saturday night 11PM time slot. More info on upcoming appearances in the Japanese side of this site.


Yes folks it`s true---Marty has contributed a guitar solo to a new song by Jason Becker, marking their first collaboration in 17 years. The solo is for a song called, “Believe” and was recorded in Tokyo just prior to Marty`s European tour this March. We at the site, Marty himself and of course music fans around the world are hoping this is only the first of many future collaborations. Stay tuned for Marty`s thoughts on this in a very special interview we have coming up at this site later this spring! For release info and more details visit


“Chubaw Desuyo!”, a staple of Saturday night TV in Japan for over 10 years will feature Marty as it`s guest on May 5th at 11:30 PM on TBS. Marty will also appear on the new hit show “Utukushiki Aoki Donau” in May, broadcast time and date tba in the Japanese section of this site.

A special feature on Marty will run in the April 27 edition of the nationwide daily newspaper The Nikkan Gendai.


J-pop superstar Kotoko`s new song, “Kirei na Senritsu” made it`s debut at #18 on the Japanese national pop chart this week. Marty wrote the song for Kotoko and also played guitar on the tune, which is the ending theme for the upcoming DVD “Maria Sama ga Miteru”.


LOUDSPEAKER finally to be released in the U.S.!  Release date is March 13 on Shrapnel Records. The track listing and the jacket is exactly the same as the Japan and Europe versions. We are posting Marty`s Story Behind the Song for LOUDSPEAKER here at the site, so take a look and enjoy! Listen to audio samples in the Japanese area of this site. MORE INFO HERE:

The most brutal and aggressive album of Marty`s career, this is the album that climbed to #20 on the Japanese mainstream charts, an unheard of position for an instrumental album.



Those of you in Japan be sure not to miss brand new features on Marty in the current TV Guide, Shukan Josei, Josei Seven, AnAn and Brutus, as well as his regular features in ASCII, Saizo, Nikkei Entertainment and Shosetsu Subaru.

Those of you with access to Japanese TV, be sure not to miss Marty`s live broadcast appearance on Space Shower on March 6th as well as another upcoming appearance on Eigo De Shabera Night. More info in the Japanese section. Footage from the Rock Fujiyama Band concert in February will be broadcast on the March 5th Rock Fujiyama.Also be sure to check him out on `Orikyun`, `Jukebox Eikaiwa` `Yumeregi`, and of course `Rock Fujiyama` every week as well!

  If you are in Japan there is do doubt you have heard been unable to escape the Mitsubishi commercial that is constantly playing on TV as well as radio. Yes, that`s Marty...


Those of you with access to Japanese TV be sure not to miss Marty`s Friday night appearances on 3 consecutive weeks of Tamori Club`s “Sola Mimi Awards” on Feb.2 Feb.9 and Feb.16 A special “Takeyama Sensei!” featuring Marty will air on Saturday night, Feb. 3. There will be 2 appearances on Hot Wave as well this month, info in the Japanese side.


Speaking of Rock Fujiyama, a one of a kind “Rock Fujiyama Band” concert, live in Tokyo on Saturday, Feb 17th. If you are anywhere near Tokyo you will not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime event! The entire cast plus many of the guests from the “Rock Fujiyama Band” will be on hand for an unforgettable and unique rock concert experience…
More info here: and in the Japanese section.


Jan.17th at 10PM Marty faces off with variety duo “Ori-Raji” on Fuji Television. On another program, “Takeyama sensei?!”, Marty finds himself at Japan`s top `Maid Café` in Akihabara. Broadcast details in the Japanese side. Marty created the theme song for the “Death Panda” character that made its debut on the “Takeyama sensei?!” program late last year. The song is a blistering death metal track with lead vocals by the teenage girls of AKB 48, Japan`s newest idol group sensation. This extremely unlikely combination is a high point of the show each week. The song will be released as a single in early 07.
Those of you with access to NHK or TV Tokyo, be sure not to miss Marty`s other weekly programs.


Songs from the new “Rock Fujiyama Band” were heard nationwide when Marty did a live broadcast on NHK radio last month and now with just under 2 weeks prior to release (on Avex in Japan) excitement is building as the mainstream media is all over the record. Marty and the others in the cast are planning a very special autograph session/talk show at the Shinjuku Tower Records in downtown Tokyo. More details to come!


As TV Tokyo`s weekly “Rock Fujiyama” continues to score high in the ratings, Marty has now become a regular on Japan`s NHK network as well. Aside from often appearing on Pop Jam, Eigo De Shabera Night, and several other NHK shows, a brand new weekly show, “Jukebox Eikaiwa” has been created with Marty`s character in mind. The debut broadcast is on January 4th at 11PM, and every Thursday afterward. This makes Marty a weekly regular on 4 shows (the third being Shoko Nakagawa`s “Yumeregi” and the 4th being Fuji Television`s "Orikyun") and a semi-regular on several others as well.
Also note that Marty is featured in the first “Eigo De Shabera Night” of 2007. He appeared the show just recently with Janet Jackson.


Marty wrapped up production of the Rock Fujiyama Band album for Avex this week and the release date is January 24. The cast as well as guests MCU, Aikawa Nanase, Kirito, Demon Kogure and others each sing a track and there are plenty surprises, including the new Rock Fujiyama ending theme for the upcoming 2007 season! Along with producing and arranging Marty played the majority of the abundant guitar on the disc, with the rest provided by guest spots from Japanese superstars Luke Takamura (Seikimatsu, Canta), Yoshio Nomura (Ayumi Hamasaki) and Rolly. This album is a must for fans of the show, Marty fans, everyone! The album will only be available in Japan but available through Tower Records Japan online and any other Japanese online sales outlet.


All “Marty Friedman” related sites on MySpace, MIXI, or any similar networks are NOT in any way related to Marty Friedman himself. The only official Marty Friedman site is this site, and the staff at this site are not responsible for any information found at any of the recent sites put up by imposters. Please make a note of this do not continue to contact this site regarding the status of any other site. Thank you!! Maysan (webmaster)

The directors of *Metal-A Headbanger`s Journey* were in Tokyo taking a look behind the scenes on the set of Rock Fujiyama. They filmed Marty in action there as well as in the studio for their upcoming movie, *Global Metal*.
In other metal news, Slayer`s Kerry King joined Marty on Rock Fujiyama where they did all the usual Fujiyama games as well as treated the cameras to impromptu jams of rare metal gems from Judas Priest, Venom, Pantera and more. Kerry and Marty have toured together (on Clash of the Titans in America and Europe) but this is the first time the two have played guitar together.
According to Avex, in Japan cellphone downloads for songs from Marty's *LOUDSPEAKER* album have topped 140,000 and show no signs of slowing down.
The leadoff track from *LOUDSPEAKER*, *Elixir* is the new ending theme for the current season of *Rock Fujiyama*. Other songs from the all instrumental
album are receiving heavy TV airplay on several other shows, mainly sports related.
A U.S. release for *LOUDSPEAKER* is in the works. Check back here for more info. The European edition came out on 9/15 on Mascot Records and the Korean edition came out in October. Marty was recently in Korea promoting the release with radio and magazine interviews as well as a live event and autograph session. See pix in the Japanese section.

Marty`s monthly feature in mainstream magazine, Nikkei Entertainment began last month to rave reviews! The second installment is out now.
Marty`s performance with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra aired on 8/26 on NHK and the reaction has been fantastic. Rebroadcast details in the Japanese section.
In TV news, thanks to consistently high ratings, Marty's weekly Rock Fujiyama program has been extended 2 more seasons, thru March 2007.
Marty`s special feature in the Japanese edition of Playboy is on newsstands now!
The special first edition of *LOUDSPEAKER* contained one bonus track, a vocal version of *Static Rain*, ending theme of *Rock Fujiyama*. This edition was limited to the first 10,000 copies, which sold out on the first day of release. After those went, the standard version of *LOUDSPEAKER* which has an instrumental version of *Static Rain* was put on sale.
In TV news, Marty filmed 30 weeks worth of his segment for M-On-TV with top model (and now singer) Shoko Nakagawa last week. Broadcast details in the Japanese side of this site.
Nippon Television`s *Uta Sta!* which is Japan`s answer to American Idol, features Marty on the judges panel.
Marty is currently on the cover of Young Guitar in Japan as well as Sound Designer. GO HERE:
for a look.
Remember this is the ONLY place for official Marty Friedman information on the web!! Thanks for your support!!